Cymarron West Inc. Cymarron West Inc.



From concept to completion, Cymarron West is an award winning full service production company based out of
Los Angeles, California, specializing in film and video production, new media, post-production and photography.

Our team of creative artists are highly skilled in their areas of expertise. Cymarron West has produced national
and international film projects, advertising campaigns and music videos for numerous Fortune 500 corporations
and has worked on productions in many countries around the world. A partial list of our clients include Fox
Broadcasting, The Miller Brewing Company, Anheuser Busch, Sony, BMG, Motown, Time-Warner Corporation,
Warner Bros, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Nissan USA, Gillette, McDonald’s
and Coca-Cola, along with numerous international advertising agencies. Our images for editorial clients have
appeared in such national and international publications as Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek, Essence, Vanity Fair,
Entertainment Weekly, US Weekly, People, Closer and Télépro magazine, Belgium.

Cymarron West is known for high quality production standards and creativity in producing some of the world’s
best film and video campaigns, documentaries and brand imaging. Among the many awards it has received,
Cymarron West won the prestigious The One Show Award for Stevie Wonder’s “Mothers Against Drunk Driving”
PSA campaign, six Telly awards, four Mobius International Awards and a Grammy Award nomination for Stevie
Wonder’s In Square Circle album packaging. In 2017, Bobby Holland was selected to be a Hasselblad storyteller
and participated in their expansion into China with their first retail store.

Additionally, Bobby Holland, along with the Cymarron West team and vendors, have extensive experience with
the automotive world, including national television commercials, print ads, outdoor advertising, dealer point of
sale and new media. In entertainment as well, Cymarron West has decades of experience with record company
artist CD packaging, marketing campaigns and movie and television key art.

The many celebrities Cymarron West has collaborated with for various media projects include Michael Jackson,
Chris Tucker, Aerosmith, Britney Spears, ZZ Top, Selma Hayek, Earth Wind and Fire, Paris Hilton, Rod Stewart,
Richard Pryor, Faith Hill, Magic Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, Barry White, Snoop Dogg, Rick James,
Rodney Dangerfield, John Madden, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Ritchie and Quincy Jones, to name but a few.

We are noted for a strong work ethic, working successfully with difficult and demanding clients and subjects,
and having a comprehensive understanding of production and project development with challenging logistics.

Our team members are actively involved with many professional organizations, including The Motor Press Guild,
Digital Cinema Society, International Documentary Association, Social Media Club Los Angeles, The Society of
Professional Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.


Russell Williams, II - Senior Vice-President for Business Development
With two Oscars® and two Prime-Time Emmys® on his mantle, Russell brings a unique blend of experience and know how from a thirty year background both above and below the line in the film and television industry. His behind the scenes work in movies include such classics as Dances With Wolves, Field of Dreams, Glory and Training Day. Knowing the business from the ground up, he brings his expertise few other entertainment finance executives have. Russell understands exactly how each item on the budget is actually utilized as opposed to just another unnecessary line item entry. He can quickly tell whether a project has suitable funding, or if it is bloated - and to this end, Russell knows how to select cast, crew, locations and companies, all of which are key components to the success of any project.

Reggie Turner - Producer / Editor / Cameraman
Reggie Turner is an experienced producer, editor and cameraman who has worked on a multitude of projects, many of them for Qwest Records, including From Q With Love. He has filmed dozens of well known personalities, including Ed Asner, Dr. Dre, Brooke Shields, Quincy Jones, Ice Cube, Danny Glover, Britney Spears, Edward James Olmos, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, President Bill Clinton, Dennis Franz and Deepak Chopra. Currently, Reggie is a camera operator for the X Factor, and to date has shot and edited over 100 automotive promotional videos for Right Track Motoring, as well as for The Motor Press Guild. Working on projects for Hudson News, he was responsible for lighting, camera, editing and audio. Reggie has traveled throughout the world on productions and is currently working on two documentaries with Bobby Holland.

Michelle Colbert - Producer
Michelle has over a two decades of freelance production experience with a wide range of accomplishments. Prior to her film career, Michelle traveled the world as a live performance and concert production consultant as well as a lighting designer. Her services were provided for artists such as Chaka Khan, Rita Marley, Deniece Williams, Stephanie Mills, Kieko Matsui and James Ingram. Michelle has won several awards for her complex and creative lighting designs. Transferring her production knowledge and cost effective management skills honed from the world of live performance, she made the switch to film production. Some of her feature film credits include Kalifornia, Candyman, The Tuskeegee Airmen and many others. When Michelle was not busy working on features, she worked on music videos for Boyz II Men, New Edition, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Will Smith, and on commercials for Buick, Volkswagen, Taco Bell, McDonalds and Giorgio of Beverly Hills. Additionally, Michelle transitioned her skills to television production, a decision that led to a multitude of credits for such productions as The Genesis Awards, George Clooney: An American Cinematheque TributeJulia Roberts: An American Cinematheque Tribute (both for AMC), Queer Eye For The Straight Girl, My Fair Brady and Rock of Love: Charm School (VH1 TV). Michelle was also executive in charge of production for ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight.

Luc Nicknair - Cinematographer
Award winning Luc Nicknair Cinematographer’s thirty eight years of capturing the world of visual storytelling started with opportunities in London with the BBC and with CBS News in Boston, assisting such luminaries as Merideth Vierra, Walter Cronkite, Bob Schieffer and Dan Rather. Later he headed West, which found Luc camera assisting on a variety of feature films such as Batman Forever, The Addams Family, Executive Decision, The Nutty Professor, Nightmare on Elm Street 2 & 5, and the TV series The Wonder Years. When he took his initial leap as an independent cinematographer, Luc focused on music videos and ended up lensing over 100 of them for such artists as Snoop Dog, Jeff Young, Skeelo, New Edition, Jesse Powell, Aaron Carter, The Temptations, The Whispers, Missy Elliot, Master P, Songhammer, Terrible People and many others. Some of the feature films he has worked on include the award winning indie, Rock and Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher, Cinema Divergent Winner Out West, starring Sean Astin, Ray Wise, Stephen Baldwin and Jennifer Cox, and the Lionsgate remake of Black Beauty, which Luc lensed entirely in Rhode Island, and stars Bruce Davidson and Luke Perry. He was also the cinematographer doing Commercials for Ducati Motorcycles, Domino’s Pizza, Nike, McDonald’s, Hpnotiq, Vesta Bank, Ruige Monitors and most recently, Shadows of Atlantis book promo.

Stuart Ferreyra / TIMECODE - Post Production Services
TIMECODE Post Production was founded by Stuart Ferreyra, a professional colorist and online editor with a visual
passion for commercials, films, TV shows, documentaries and action sports. Stuart’s personal current body of work runs into the thousands, including projects for well known television shows, independent films and advertising campaigns. His current work is seen on ABC, NBC, History, Discovery, MTV, TLC, PBS, Netflix, Amazon as well as every other major programming distributor. He is currently featured in many of Apple’s Color Grading tutorials, and in 2017, Stuart became a member of the Colorist Society International. He continuous to evolve and develop new techniques to achieve a more efficient and refined postproduction workflow and techniques that convey the artistic vision of all of his TIMECODE clients. TIMECODE blends the correct mix of creative talent and technical knowledge for clients in television, advertising, online content, filmmaking and high-adrenaline action sports. Their unique creative strengths are short form editing, visual fx, sound design and sound mixing, professional color grading and motion graphics. They also provide online and mastering services, digital deliverables, tape transfers, close captions, qc, subtitles, formats conversions & blu-rays for television, advertising, streaming platforms and film screenings.